Zone-Trader Tutor features

The following is a list of just some of the exciting features available in this powerful tool

  • Identifies and draws zones of supply and demand for multiple time frames on a single chart, colour coded such that they can quickly be associated with different time frames.
  • Provides full user configuration of display to see just what you want to see, without distracting clutter.
  • Provides visual indication of previous retests of a zone
  • Enables filtering of displayed zones using a growing range of attributes including (but not limited to):
    - the number of times a zone has been retested
    - the previous penetration of price into the zone
    - bias calculated using different definitions of trend
    - the distance price has previously moved away from the zone
    - position of a zone in relation to Bollinger bands
    - candles since zone was first created
    - position of a zone on a higher time frame price curve
    - the depth of a zone
    - the distance a zone is from an opposing zone on a selected time frame
  • Saving of parameter settings to create a strategy for use in discretionary, semi-automated or fully automated trading.
  • Partly or fully automated trading with the EA managing:
    - automatic position sizing
    - initial target setting
    - time constraints on when orders or trades can be placed
    - other trading limitations determined by technical indicators auch as RSI and Bollinger Bands
    - closing limit orders and active trades at the end of sessions
    - risk management functions such as trailing stops based on zones as protective layers
    - alternative exit strategies such as closing a trade when it approaches a moving average

The Expert Advsior is a powerful tool which will take your trading to a completely new level. However, it will take time to understand the features and learn how to use them to your best advantage. You will need patience and perseverance, both essential qualtiies to be a sucessful and consistently profitable trader

The real power of this Expert Advisor is that has been written to allow new features to be added as further insights evolve. I will be constantly looking to enhance the feature set and add new ways in which this expert advisor can be used. As a subscriber, you will be entitled to updates for your chosen version as and when they are added

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