If you are looking at this web site, you may have had some experience in trading, but have been either consistently losing money, or at best, never made the profits you felt should be possible. Perhaps, you have tried many different strategies and trading methods, none of them really seemed to work as promised. Maybe you have also paid a large sum of money for a trading course or trading mentor, which just didn't work out. Or maybe you are completely new to trading and just want to start out down the right path.

Supply and Demand Zone Trading in the foreign exchange markets could be just what you are looking for! Our approach, similar to that used by large financial institutions, is not promoted as an instant recipe for huge profits and fast cars. Neither is it sold as something that you can be an expert in within days or even months. However, zone trading is a methodology based on sound economics of supply and demand. There is rational thinking behind every aspect of the approach and it is backed by anyone who knows how consistently profitable trading by insitututions is achieved.

What is Zone-Trader tutor?

Supply and demand trading is an approach much touted by followers of Sam Seiden. Just Google his name and you will find many articles and webinars detailing his methods. We have taken many of his ideas and combined them with some of our own to develop a Metatrader Expert Adviser that can not only help you identify high probability trading opportunities, but also place orders and manages trades once they are active. However, it is not a "one strategy fits all" approach. The robot can be configured to meet both your personal trading needs, as well as the trading condtions it needs to operate in. By registering at letmebefree.com, not only will we let you use this unique trading tool (developed by myself over the last five years) for a one month no-obligation, free trial, but you will also find documentation, videos and a zone trading community forum to help you become an expert in its use. Once you are a master of this tool, you will not want to trade without it - that is my promise

Zone-Trader Tutor comes in three editions:

  • Free version - Limited to identifyng zones just on daily or higher charts, with no auto-trading facility. This is really designed to let you take a look using higher time frames and understand exactly how it works. Starty by trialing our professional version, but if you don't want to continue a paid subscription after the trial ends, you still get to keep using the free version
  • Standard version - This is like the free version, but allows you to identify zones across all time frames available in Metatrader 4. However, autotrading your strategy is not possible with this version. If you are only interested in manual trading, then this is the one for you.
  • Professional version - Includes identifying zones across all time frames available in Metatrader 4, with the capability to auto-trade based on your parameter settings. For a limited period, you will also be entitled to receive the back testing module as soon as it is made available

****Get your one month, no obligation trial of Zone Trader Tutor Professional****

To secure a free trial of zone trader tutor - professional edition, head on over here and enter a preferred user name and your email (no credit card details required). Soon after you submit your details, you will receive an email that includes the following:

  • A full copy of the ZoneTrader Tutor EX4 file (professional version) that can be installed on your Metatrader terminal
  • A licence key that will give you one months free access to all features of the Expert advisor
  • Full installation instructions
  • A password for you to manage aspects of your subscriptions such as: upgrading or downgrading your plan and updating payment details (should you decide to go for a paid subscription).
  • A training manual detailing all the parameters available for use and how they can be used to develop your trading strategy

This expert advisor is still under constant review with new features being added on a regular basis. These may relate to filtering zones, managing risk, exiting trades or adding further confluence to your trades using technical indicators. There are unlimited opportunties and I hope you will soon recognise the benefits of trading with Zone Trader Tutor